Rich in culture, plush with an infinite sense of tranquil serenity and on the doorstep of the city.

Distinguished by an inimitable multicultural heritage, Box Hill has become iconised for its ability to effortlessly meld the cultural symbols of its ancestors with the evolving sentiments of its contemporary heirs. Here, on the doorstep of the city, large spans of greenspace provide the idyllic canvas for the modern homeowner, who wants to live in the bustling metropolis, while still maintaining a sense of community and peacefulness.

Box Hill’s continued success as a suburban sanctuary - rich in culture, plush with an infinite sense of tranquil serenity and on the doorstep of the city - has witnessed the persistent improvement of public infrastructure. This has resulted in the bourgeoning of a suburb driven by an innovative philosophy reflective of this progress, here you will find a community promoting excellence in its schools, transport systems, public amenities and community programmes.

There’s nothing quite as reassuring as the simple pleasure of knowing that you don’t have to pull the car out of the garage every time you get home and realise that you’re one ingredient short for your dinner that night.

Leading the city ’s infatuation with bringing a genuine international flare to the public, here you will find countless little holes in the wall all offering up their own take on traditional dishes. While undoubtedly exalted for its epicurean delights, Box Hill deserves similar honours for the eclectic retailers and amenities that offer enviable service to the local community .

Box Hill Central

999 comes with the added assurance that not only will you be able to find that last minute forgotten ingredient with ease, but with Box Hill Central at your doorstep, you will have an infinite offering of produce, homewares, fashion, as well as plethora of unique and exotic staples to give your pantry that extra zeal.

Highly connected, 999 is just moments from Box Hill’s train station, offers an enviable network of trams and buses ferrying residents to and from the city.

999 is benefited by the simplicity of having major arterials carrying you almost directly to your door. Box Hill’s commitment to providing its local community with abounding opportunities for connectivity is what makes 999 not only eminently liveable, but unparalleled in location too.